The idea of “Like Peanut Butter & Jelly” came about one weekend when my husband and I were thinking about all of the random and wonderful things we had done in the span of a single month and how fun it would be to share. From fitness expos to church youth events, we really love our lives and are grateful to God for bringing us together. Although a worship pastor and a fitness model seem a bit unconventional, when we first met it didn’t take long for us to recognize the similar heart we had for people and the parallels in our lives. Not only did we both love to be physically active but we were both actively pursuing God’s direction for our lives and how they could be used for His glory. Part of that discovery is building a better relationship with God and in His faithfulness, as we individually pursued, He brought us together to love, support and encourage one another in this life-long journey. We were married in July 2012, expecting a baby in July of 2013 and really feel that we were perfectly made for one another, just like peanut butter and jelly.

So who is the peanut butter and who is the jelly? To ask Michael, he is the peanut butter because he thinks that’s the best part of the sandwich but I’d have to say that he is the peanut butter because he’s both smooth and chunky. Have you seen some of his older pictures (wink)? I’d have to agree that I’m the jelly. Sometimes I’m sweet and sometimes I’m tart and on any given day, I might be a different flavor. Call me unpredictable or call me quirky… whatever it is, it seems to be the perfect complement to Mr. Smooth & Chunky, I mean Hunky!

All this talk about peanut butter and jelly and I’m suddenly feeling hungry. I think I’ll grab a snack and if you do the same, I hope you’ll come back and continue to read some random and rather pointless facts about Michael and myself.

Random Facts About Jamie

• I can still sing my entire 5th grade school song.
• In high school, I used to fix my hair the night before school and then try not to sleep on it because I was always running late.
• I’ve got some pretty mean tongue twister skills.
• I’ve run a roofing company and driven a hydraulic dump truck. That same year, I was an NFL Cheerleader for the Houston Texans.
• I worked at Double Dave’s Pizza in college.
• I used to eat nothing but lean pockets, goldfish crackers and Dr Pepper when I first started living on my own.
• I volunteered at a crisis hotline when I was in high school and my pseudonym was Monique.
• I’m a DIY nut! I scour Craig’s List for potential projects all the time.
• I might actually like cooking just as much as I like eating and that’s a lot!
• The threat of breast cancer in my early twenties turned out to be a blessing in disguise and the catalyst for an exciting career in fitness.

Random Facts About Michael

• I’ve led worship service with Smurf blue hair.
• I used to make up voice messages using current pop songs.
• I won my first prepaid cell phone singing in a talent competition in college. Before then, I only had a pager.
• I ate 27 lbs of crawfish once in on one sitting.
• I don’t wear deodorant because I don’t smell when I sweat. Jamie: “It’s true!”
• I took a job as a maintenance guy at a church when I first moved to Houston because there wasn’t a position on the youth staff.
• The first instrument I ever played was the cello.
• I was once on the Adkins diet and went to a pizza buffet and ate 24 slices of pizza but only the toppings. Needless to say, it ended very badly.
• I’ve never broken a bone but I’ve had lots of stitches and ACL surgery.
• The only thing besides Jamie that makes me weak in the knees is a trip to Home Depot.